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For more than two decades, Carl Furry has produced a vast array of documents, always infusing each piece with the most effective and appropriate voice. The selected samples on this page offer a brief introduction to Carl’s extensive catalog of corporate works.

Document Images

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Press releases

SGI press release (PDF:122K)

Viafone press release
(PDF: 57K)

Child Mummy press release
(PDF: 73K)

White papers

S2io white paper (PDF: 171K

IronGrid white paper (PDF: 323K)

Customer success stories success story
(PDF: 83K)

SGI success story (PDF: 298K)

Trolltech success story
(PDF: 182K)

Brochures and sales tools

Adobe solution brief
(PDF: 376K)

Adobe tradeshow handout (PDF: 510K)

SupportSoft brochure
(PDF: 306K)

Contributed articles

Syllabus article for Adobe
(PDF: 56K)

HPCwire advertorial
for SGI (PDF: 71K)

Backgrounders and annual reports

eSecurityOnline backgrounder (PDF: 250K)

BackWeb annual report
(PDF: 432K)


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SGI press release © 2003 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Viafone press release © 2002 ViaFone, Inc.
S2io white paper © 2004 S2io, Inc.
IronGrid white paper © 2003 IronGrid, Inc. success story © 2004, Inc.
SGI success story © 2004 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Adobe solution brief and tradeshow handout © 2004 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Syllabus article © 2003 101 Communications
HPCwire advertorial © 2003 HPCwire and Tabor Communications, Inc.
eSecurityOnline backgrounder © 2002 eSecurityOnline LLC
BackWeb annual report © 2000 BackWeb Technologies
Trolltech success story © 2004 Trolltech AS